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Who We Are

Building People By Moving Earth

AG-CON takes pride in investing in the best people, the latest project management software, GPS, equipment and tools to exceed our customers’ expectations. With over a decade of experience, we aim to deliver the highest quality site development packages for commercial, industrial, and energy projects.  AG-CON is willing to come in as a subcontractor or general contractor based on your needs.


While production is paramount, AG-CON spends an enormous amount of time focused on culture and treating people right. We believe in getting our work done on time and within budget, but we also love to spend time with our families.


We’re motivated by how far we’ve come, and we’re just getting started. Thanks to our teams in the field and office, we’re continually improving and are incredibly excited about our future.


We’re passionate about dirt.

AG-CON began in the agricultural market, hence the “AG” in our name. In the early days, our primary offerings included agricultural-specific construction projects like irrigation line installation, grain bin foundations, drainage projects, and mass grading and contouring. Now, we’ve incorporated other sectors like commercial, industrial, energy, and renewables to further expand our reach across the Gulf Coast. Although headquartered in Louisiana, AG-CON holds licenses throughout the US. We have worked on projects along the East Coast, as far north as Nebraska, and out west to New Mexico. Our teams are built to travel, and our company-owned trucking fleet is capable of expediting mobilization.

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